Thursday, November 1, 2007

Wait a Minute Guys -- I was just Kidding!

Did the disciples of Jesus make up the story of his resurrection? The interesting thing is, they were all persecuted or killed because of their "story". None of them said, "Okay, wait a minute guys. It was all a big joke! You don't need to take it THAT seriously."

Check out what happened to these followers of Jesus:

  • James, the brother of John - Beheaded
  • Thomas - Speared to death
  • Simon the Zealot - Crucified
  • Bartholemew - Flayed with knives
  • Andrew - Crucified
  • Matthew - Speared to death
  • Philip - Crucified and Stoned
  • James, the son of Alpheus - Sawn in pieces
  • Peter - Crucified (upside down)
  • Jude - Shot with arrows
  • Stephen - Stoned to death
  • James, brother of Jesus - Thrown down from the temple and stoned
"He would not have preached the honor and glory of the cross, if he feared the death of the cross." -- Andrew


BUD said...

I've been trying to think of something to add to this, but it pretty much speaks for its self.

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