Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What is There to be Thankful For?

Life is grim
The world is gray
Things go from bad to worse

The snow is unavoidable
The plumbing fixes are temporary
The tires need replaced (again)

Friends fail
Bills pile up
Kids fight
The dog does you know what in the house

There is so much to be unthankful for
But unthankfulness darkens my soul
So I’m thankful for thankfulness
Thankfulness makes my life full

Life may be tough – at least I’m alive
The world, gray today, constantly changes color
Things go from bad to worse, yet it all works together for good

The snow is coming, so I’ll enjoy its beauty
The plumbing leaks; something the Amish don’t have to worry about
The tires need replaced; that means I have wheels

Friends fail; at least I have them
Though bills pile up, I have what I need for today
The kids fight, but they do not dictate my mood
The dog? I can get rid of the dog!

There is so much to be thankful for
Thankfulness brightens my soul
Yes, I’m thankful for thankfulness
Thankfulness makes my life full

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The Kingdom of Heaven is NOT Like...

  • a fireman picking and choosing which people he wants to rescue from a burning building
  • an orchestra with only a cello
  • a flashlight shone directly in someone's eyes
  • a man who tries to coerce a woman to love him
  • a wealthy man hosting a banquet and inviting only his friends and family

Very Unofficial Guide to Gauging Coffee

Yesterday I drank coffee at a local restaurant, and the only comparison I could give it was to the kick of a .410 shotgun.  In fact most of the coffee served at local restaurant would fit that comparison.

One location in town (which will remain anonymous) might qualify for the kick of the 20-gauge, not a bad coffee, and the best I've tasted at an in-town restaurant.

Let's see, some store bought 100% Colombian might attain the 16-gauge comparison.

All bias aside, I would compare my home-roasted Sumatra Mandheling to the kick of the 12-gauge.

"What about decaf?" you might ask.  Have you ever fired bird-shot from a .22 rifle?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Acrostic Poem from my Son Ben

I just wanted to share with you all this Acrostic Poem written by Benjamin last week:

Devoted, never leaving your side
Obeying, listening to your every command
Generous, giving you all they are, no matter what they receive in return
Solicitous, concerned and loving

Cheap, only doing whats best for themselves
Aggravating, so repulsive
Terrible, only looking out for what will benefit them
Sneaky, suspicious

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