Friday, February 6, 2009

Thoughts from My Home Schooled Son

Average Home School Day

Get up, start workin', no fun or play,
Looks like this will be the average school day

Sit down at my desk, grab paper and pencil
And seizing my brain, a useful utensil

Working for hours that feel like years
I wish that Saturday soon would be here

Finally finishing, I feel so free,
But I was mistaken, my mom calls me

Now here I'm sitting, feeling no glee,
Lo and behold, I'm folding laundry!

Benjamin Southwick
Age 12, 6th Grade

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Tin Soldier said...

HAHAHA!!! My family got a good chuckle out of that.

Amy L said...

Haha, great poem Ben!

Sherri said...

Great thoughts from Benjamin! You have a great family!

Rhonda Phillips said...

I think Ben has a natural talent!

My wife's kids' Dad said...

What talent Ben has! It'd be fun to hear his poem set to music; now if only you knew someone with musical ability. Hmmm... ;)

Anonymous said...

"Lo and behold" - fabulous!

- Chad Gardner

Jonathan said...

Found this by accident, but what a great poem. Benjamin has some good talent and his mix of comedy into it makes it all the more enjoyable.


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