Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Little Rock That Was Different

A Story for My Son

There once was a Little Rock dwelling among a thousand other rocks scattered on the Hillside. This rock was a sad rock, for as it happened, he was different than all the other rocks around him. Sure each rock was different. But he was more different.

His color wasn't quite the same. His shape wasn't as rough and jagged. All the other rocks teased him for being different.

Many days Travelers would walk up and down the Hillside. Many rocks enjoyed the weight of boots and shoes upon their backs, knowing they were helping carry People to their destination.

But not Little Rock. He was afraid the travelers would also make fun of him. He tried to hide his color and his unusual shape. When that didn't help, he just tried to hide. Little Rock was miserable and depressed. He wondered why God had made him so different.

One day an unusual Traveler came up the Hillside. He wasn't content to walk straight up the slope. He seemed to be wandering. No. Inspecting. He was picking up rocks, and then throwing them aside. Little Rock knew if he was found, he would be discarded too. And he just knew he would be found.

Eventually, the Traveler spotted Little Rock. He picked him up and inspected him carefully. Instead of being thrown aside, something worse happened. The Traveler put Little Rock in a tiny burlap sack that he tied to his belt.

It was dark. He was lonely. It seemed things always got worse for Little Rock.

He didn't know how many days had passed before he was finally taken out of the burlap. A Person placed him between two pieces of metal that clamped down on him and squeezed him. He wasn't very comfortable. And he was scared.

Suddenly he was blinded by a light strapped to the Person's head. He couldn't see what was happening. BANG. OUCH! Little Rock was being attacked by a chisel. The Person kept hammering and chipping away at him.

He had never known such pain, such suffering. He longed to be back on the Hillside. He longed for answers from God.

More time passed. Little Rock had been turned, hammered, chiseled and ouched in every way possible. When the hurting stopped, he was placed on some piece of metal which was shaped around him to hold him down. Fingers of metal held him firmly.

Then he was covered in darkness by a thick cloth. This must be the end, he thought. It wasn't enough to be tossed away on the Hillside. I must be so awful, I needed to be tortured before being thrown out.

After a long period of being moved and bumped about, there was the growing sound of many, many People talking and laughing and singing. It sounded like a celebration. This went on for hours, and Little Rock wished he could see what was going on. He was beginning to feel a happiness he had never known, but he didn't know why.

There was a sudden hush, and then the sound of one Man speaking.

Without any notice, the cloth that covered Little Rock was removed. Little Rock could see thousands of People. He saw a Young Man sitting beside him, wearing clothing of purple and red.

He could see the metal that held him firmly. It was a bright and shiny yellow, and it curved away from his view on his left and right side. He thought he could also see some other colorful rocks sticking out from the sides of this metal object. It was sparkly. It was beautiful. It was sitting on a large red pillow.

Excitement grew inside Little Rock as this beautiful object was lifted in the air and placed on the head of the Young Man. Immediately, trumpets sounded and People sang.

Little Rock was shocked to find himself 'front and center', taking his part in adorning the new King. He instantly knew he didn't have to be afraid any longer. He realized God had a good reason for all the hurt and pain he had endured. And he discovered that his uniqueness was a gift that would not be hidden, and it would serve the King for a long time to come.

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Debbie Peterson said...

This is wonderful. If you should ever want to try to have it published, I would be honored to illustrate it.

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