Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Very Unofficial Guide to Gauging Coffee

Yesterday I drank coffee at a local restaurant, and the only comparison I could give it was to the kick of a .410 shotgun.  In fact most of the coffee served at local restaurant would fit that comparison.

One location in town (which will remain anonymous) might qualify for the kick of the 20-gauge, not a bad coffee, and the best I've tasted at an in-town restaurant.

Let's see, some store bought 100% Colombian might attain the 16-gauge comparison.

All bias aside, I would compare my home-roasted Sumatra Mandheling to the kick of the 12-gauge.

"What about decaf?" you might ask.  Have you ever fired bird-shot from a .22 rifle?


Tin Soldier said...

I stopped drinking coffee completely and have found that I now sleep better at night, and actually have more lasting energy throughout the day. I used to become exhausted mid day which required more coffee, thus keeping me chemically imbalanced.

Not saying everyone can do this, but it sure has worked for me. Granted I had about a 3-4 day blah while the caffeine got out of my system.

Umhangträger said...

I also gave up coffee, but I did "treat" myself to a cup today. I still love the stuff, but I don't want to be addicted to anything.

I think by far the best coffee in this area comes from the Summerhouse Coffee Shop in Franklin. But I love the fact that I can "fine tune" a cup of Joe at Sheatz, and come up with a very synthetic but very tasty blend. When I only get it once in a while, I want it to be good. Most restaurant coffee that I've had does not fall into that category.

David said...

Funny, because I get my green coffee beans from summer house, I just roast them myself at home for an even fresher cup of Joe.


Mike Peterson said...

Yes, the older I get I find it harder to venture into a truly great cofee blend at any restaurant. You do an excellent job. Dale Stearns make a good cup. I'm thinking of getting a french press since my coffee at home is only on the scale of a 16 gauge.

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