Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Faith Romances God

I came across this intriguing quote from Winkie Pratney in his message, "Little Crumbs for Little Dogs". (You can subscribe to his podcast here and download it through the iTunes store.) What do you think is meant by this quote: "Faith romances God"?


Shiela said...

"Faith Romances God" Oh, just the thought of being able to endear myself more to God's heart; how comforting.

It means trusting Him for everydayness of life, not just the major events. Its not just the flowers for my anniversary that bring me romance, but the coffee that Jason makes in the mornings just for me, when he is home and the time of sharing.

This also romances God, our faith that He is there through that everydayness and we enjoy the quietness with Him and being in fellowship during the day with Him and not just through the major events. It strenghths our bond so that when the major events of life happen it isn't so difficult to find God because He has been with us through everdayness.

BUD said...

The thing I don't like about Winkie Pratney is that a 58:16minn message needs about 58days and 16 hours to take everything in. I have to listen to it a couple more times.

David said...

Great thoughts Shiela. Thanks for sharing.

Bud, I totally read you on that one. I had to listen to WPs 21CR session 4 a couple of times to get it. I loved the analogy to digital and linear.

But Faith Romances God... hmmm... enough said. I've been meditating on those 3 words for the last 3x2 days. Is God really that personal that a choice I can make could really make such an impact on God? I believe so.

BUD said...

ROMANCE, n. romans', ro'mans.

1. A fabulous relation or story of adventures and incidents, designed for the entertainment of readers; a tale of extraordinary adventures, fictitious and often extravagant, usually a tale of love or war, subjects interesting the sensibilities of the heart, or the passions of wonder and curiosity. Romance differs from the novel, as it treats of great actions and extraordinary adventures; that is, according to the Welch signification, it vaults or soars beyond the limits of fact and real life, and often of probability.

The first romances were a monstrous assemblage of histories, in which truth and fiction were blended without probability; a composition of amorous adventures and the extravagant ideas of chivalry.

2. A fiction.

ROMANCE, v.i. romans', ro'mans. To forge and tell fictitious stories; to deal in extravagant stories.

Websters 1828 dictionary

This is not what we use as todays defination, but it surely derived from it. The words that I would assosiate with romance would be Love, Passion, and it vaults or soars beyond the limits of fact and real life, and often of probability. I think Love is the day to day things we do, and romance would be the extra above and beyond stuff we do. An example would be when just my wife of 18 years goes out of her way to dress up, put on some make up and do her hair up for just me. We aren't going anywhere, no one is comeing over, she just wants to look nice for me. In the same way I think there is day to day faith, and the faith that "romances God". That faith I believe would be when we do the extaordinary and God is definately moved. When the womans daughter was made whole (Mat 15:28) it was out side the paramaters. The paramaters being that Jesus was there at that time for the Jews It was not our (the gentiles) time yet, and she wasn't Jewish. Her faith and persistances Romanced Jesus to do this. I would like to note, God used this for his glory, but the woman wanted this for her daughter at the time. She was not seeking Gods glory, but his mercy.

Faith Romances God I think means that when we use our faith in extraordinary ways, (using meaning doing something. She was very persistant about bugging Jesus to do this) God is inclined to bend His will to ours. Not in an over all Gods total plan way, but in ways that effect our lives. What a merciful and graceful God we have. BUD

David said...

Thanks Bud. I appreciate your thoughts.

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