Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Frustration vs. Patience

I was recently involved in some plumbing projects in my house. Can I say "I hate plumbing!"? As I was buying materials from a local hardware store, the owner gave me one piece of advice: "Be patient."

Many times when I have embarked on house-projects-that-shouldn't-take- very-long-but-always-do, I would find myself in the place of being overwhelmed and frustrated. But after this man gave me advice about being patient, I found, that even in very overwhelming circumstances, I didn't have to get frustrated. I came to the conclusion that "frustration is an enemy, patience is an ally."

Sure it took me 9 days to replace my shower diverter -- because not only was the diverter bad, but I discovered the walls in the shower needed replaced because of water damage -- but I got the job done well. Since then I've had several major repair jobs (house and vehicle) all at once, that took extremely longer than they should have, but I've found patience is a friend in these overwhelming circumstances.

(Now you know why I hire so much work out!)


BUD said...

As a mechanic I second that motion. Every day I have something that dosn't go right. Take a couple minnute break and go back to it and it goes right in. I have found that the advice my grandfather told me years ago, "walk away, take a break and calm down" works very well. I just wish I could not get frustrated when I was doing it. I'm proud to say however, I haven't thrown a wrench in years.

Ĺ erola said...

i am sure having 5 kids may also add to your patience development! ha ha ha

David said...

Having 5 kids can sure help you either learn frustration or patience that's for sure. One is counterproductive and the other is profitable for everyone.

cal said...

i LOVE plumbing.....using it, that is!!!!! lol

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