Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Leadership Thought

It seems there are two things God isn't really happy about in regards to aspirations toward leadership.

The first is "ambition":

  • Romans 2:6,8 says that God will render wrath and indignation upon those who are selfishly ambitious. Ouch!
  • 1 Peter 5:5,6 says God is against those who exalt themselves, and we need to humble ourselves and He would exalt us in the right time.
The second is "reluctance".
  • Boy did God become angry with Moses when he asked God to deliver Israel through someone else because he didn't feel qualified (Exodus 4:10-14).
  • And God told Jeremiah not to disqualify himself because he was a youth and he was afraid (Jeremiah 1:7-8).
So what does the Lord want? Apparently His timing is not our own, and we must cultivate a heart of patience (waiting) and humility for the when and if. Additionally, the Lord wants us to be a willing vessel. Many times when we think we can do it, He says, "no you can't". And then when we think we cannot do it, He says, "yes you can".

Thus, it seems He wants us to wait (when we think we can), and to be willing (when we think we can't).


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