Friday, April 25, 2008

Home At Last

Thursday night, the team that went to Migori, Kenya from Titusville returned home. Because of lack of internet access I was not able to provide an update about our trip since the Monday, 14th of April.

Pastors Conference
Tuesday the 15th, the Pastors Conference at the Suna Mission Church was begun in the afternoon. Because most attendees were from the Luo tribe, translation was done from English into Luo (not Swahili). I began my sessions on insights into the worth of God taken from the Lord's Prayer. Phil Taylor began his sessions on the worth of Jesus. As the week progressed more and more pastors and ministry workers were able to attend. When we finished on Friday, there were more than 200 in attendance. Probably the one thing that impacted me the most, was their reverence for the "word of God" and the men of God who preached His word. They were very grateful to receive fresh insights into who God is, and His heart for them and the world.

MSOMI Academy
Throughout the week, the rest of the team (Josiah, Matthew, Allison, Kelly and Brandon) invested their time with the children at the academy/orphanage. There are about 150 kids, 50 of which are orphans (6 because of parents killed during the recent political crisis, most from parents who died of AIDS). The rest come from single parent homes where the parent is too sick and/or too poor to provide for the children, or have both parents and are too poor to provide for their children. Eighty percent of the people of Migori are unemployed, and the many of those who have some type of job, get paid very little and are desperately poor.

Thomas is one of the children whose parents were killed in the recent political turmoil.

Each day the team had an hour or so teaching a Bible lesson through skits and puppet shows for all the kids, they attended some of the kids' classes and in the afternoon they played with the kids with kites, jump rope, blowing bubbles, playing soccer, frisbee and kickball. On the last Saturday, additional kids from the community came for "World Changers Day" where all of us helped with teaching, showing part of the children's Jesus Video, a Bible study, Bible lessons, and playing different games. At the end of the day together, we gave sodas to all the kids (many of the kids from the orphanage had never had a soda in their lives).

Currently, the academy is looking for people to sponsor children at the academy. I have papers on almost 50 children for whom the ministry is trusting God daily for provision. To sponsor a child through the Migori Worship Center is only $35 a month which helps to cover some of the daily expenses for the kids (including food, clothing, school materials, etc.) If you are interested in sponsoring a child, you can contact me for more information.

Migori Worship Center

On our first Sunday our team met with the leadership team for the Migori Worship Center. There were around seventy people who represented leadership from their 14 church plants, the school/orphanage administration, the Bible School leadership, the pastoral leadership, the praise and worship leadership, and the women's leadership.

On the following Sunday, Phil was able to preach at the Migori Worship Center, and then he and I traveled to and preached at two separate church plants (Phil to Ragana, and I to Stella/the Cannan Worship Center).

These are some of the people from the Cannan Worship Centre, a recent church plant 10 months old and about 9 km away from Migori. (Before the church was planted, some people were walking 15 km to church. Now they only have to walk 5 or 6 km.) They have a small fellowship of about 15 to 20 people. They are currently trusting God for provision for materials and labor for a church to be built on a tract of land recently donated to them. They are also praying for musical instruments for their worship team, and a PA system. They have a heart to see the people in the Stella area won to Jesus.


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