Friday, April 11, 2008


Hi everyone,

We arrived in Nairobi after missing our connection in Detroit, but getting the next one to Amsterdam (we were all separated for that 8 hour flight) that got us to our connection to Nairobi with very little time to spare. All in all it was an okay flight, just long and uncomfortable. We arrived in Nairobi around 7:15p.m. Nairobi time which is 12:15p.m. at home. We lost three pieces of luggage, Phil's personal stuff, and some gifts for the orphanage. But we are trusting we can pick them up in the morning.

And thankfully, we found that the trip to Migori is only about 7 hours. We are all well but tired. Thanks for your prayers, don't know when I will be back online.

Love you all,


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