Monday, April 14, 2008

We are in Migori

Saturday we traveled to Migori. What an experience! I thought the roads in PA were bad. But these are crazy. We arrived in Migori around 9pm. No way to communicate unless we go in town to an internet shop (dialup on their computers). We are trying to get a pay as you go phone to work that we purchased so we can call home a little, but it isn't working yet.

Sunday we had a wonderful time of sharing with the youth and children for Sunday School. Matt worked with Kelly with a younger class, Josiah helped me with the high school class. Phil taught 4-5-6 graders and Alison and Brandon taught another younger class. After some worship I taught for a half hour or so during thier "Bible Exposition" and Phil preached in their main service. In the afternoon we met with their leadership of about 70 people, and were entertained by the orphan children singing, dancing and a monologue. I will post pictures when I get home.

Monday (today) we traveled to Bishop Okinda High School (built on property donated by Pastor John Okinda). Josiah, Matt and Brandon got to play soccer with their team. It was a blast! The Migori church has a church branch that meets their at the school and we met briefly with their leaders.

There is so much need here for sponsors for the orphans, and for high school students who live at the ministry school, it costs more than $35 per month per child for their needs. Churches here are in need of pastoral training, discipleship, instruments for worship, and new buildings.

We are doing well, eating rice, chicken, spaghetti, ugali, some beef, french fries, potatoes, collard greens, pancakes and french toast. We are staying pretty healthy.

Josiah and Matt are enjoying the kids. They are working with them right now, and will work with them all week, with a big gathering on Saturday with several hundred kids.

Phil and I are looking forward to the Pastor's Conference starting tomorrow (Tuesday) and goes until Friday. Many pastors are coming from many kilometers away.

Blessings to all,


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