Wednesday, April 2, 2008

There is no Absolute Truth

Truth is relative. We all create our own truth. All religions are equally valid.

Theses are the much heralded platitudes of society today. In the age of tolerance and political correctness, those who don't hold these views are considered biased, bigoted, hateful, intolerant, etc.

Hmmm... Can anyone see the irony here?

Who Says?
I wonder: "Who says? Who says there is no absolute truth? Who says we all create our own truth?"

And where did they get the idea from? Was there any research done before people started with these remarks? Maybe someone who didn't like the idea of absolute truth, decided one day to believe that truth is relative. How convenient.

And the masses followed.

Is there any proof that truth is relative? No. This is a just philosophical belief. Not a proven axiom of life.

Getting back to the irony, Frank Peretti addresses the point of tension in statements like "there is no absolute truth". To say there is no absolute truth, is to say that the statement itself is not absolute.

Ravi Zacharias says that statement includes itself or excludes itself. If the statement includes itself, then that idea itself is not absolutely true. If it excludes itself, then it is an absolute truth, and therefore contradicts itself. Mind-bending.

So who duped us? And why are we so easily duped?

Majority Rules
I actually had someone tell me what their ethics professor taught: "if the majority believes something is morally acceptable, then it is morally acceptable." How many people today actually have swallowed this stuff -- hook, line, and sinker?

Okay, then. Let's just chuck our brains out the window. Is Mr. Ethics Professor telling us that if 10 guys decide it is okay to rape one woman, that it is morally acceptable? Oh please... I can almost hear the professor say, "No, actually it is wrong because the majority of society thinks it is wrong." So what if the majority of a society decided it was right? Where is the logic here?

The reason they shouldn't rape the woman is based on her intrinsic worth as a human being, not because of some subjective, changing mood of the masses.

You caught me there... I guess I am assuming that the worth of individuals is an absolute.


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